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We're here to bring you an update on the product initiatives we have going on and what we will have released very soon!
The graphics on this image are from our community partner, Blue Country Roleplay and are for demonstration purposes only.
New Feature: Unit Management System
We've implemented a new unit system which is core infrastructure. This new feature is crucial to the future development of Terminal. With this feature you'll be able to:

✔️ Log into a patrol as a ridealong unit (2 or more people), this is made possible using a "Join Code" which can contain a random string of text and/or numbers you input when creating a unit.
✔️ When you will be riding alone, you simply need to create a unit with a random "Join Code" which can contain a random string of text and/or numbers.

This is a game-changing feature because we'll be able to introduce new things into Terminal with the help of this. Everything else should be seamless, the only visible change is when you log into patrol.

Read about the new unit system in our docs →
New Feature: Custom Street Names
Upon user suggestion, we've added a new feature that allows community administrators to enable "Custom Street Names" which gives communities the ability to add their own street names if their community isn't based on GTA V.

✔️ Communities will have the ability to switch back and forth from GTA V street names and custom street names
This is a sneak peek of what the new MDT will look like.
This is what the new PDFs will look like. It will replace the current PDF reports.
New MDT Update
We're continuing to work on the new MDT system on Terminal. We're currently working on reports (i.e. arrest reports, citations, written warnings, trespasses). We've finished the core functionality of being able to search for civilians, vehicles, and weapons. We've also finished the main page with all active units, your current call, incident generation, etc. Some of the outstanding features include:

✔️ You must be on a call in order to create a report
✔️ You'll have access to even more realistic PDF styled reports than we currently offer
✔️ When you're on a call and search for a person or vehicle on the NCIC, it'll add the civilian/vehicle to your call
✔️ There will be more advanced text-to-speech compared to what we already have on the system
The new unit system and custom street name feature will be available on Terminal starting April 1st, 2021. This update will be launched during the transferring of domain names. The new MDT's release date is still to be determined. We'll have another newsletter out when it is released!

Thanks for reading this product release newsletter!

Johnny, Drake & The Team
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